Cosplay Maniac, TV Host + Community Manager at Projekt Red… Nadya Sonika



She is a self described Cosplay Maniac, PC Gamer and Fitness Model. She is also a TV Host at Gamer Tag and a Community Manager at CD projekt Red. I am sure you’ve bumped into her many cosplays like Mystique or Cyclops (which have gone viral a billion times over), or her taking the shape of Triss Merigold at the many Witcher video game booths she’s hosted around the world. Today we sit and talk to the one and only Nadya Sonika.

Hi Nadya, thanks for joining us! Let’s start off by getting to know you a bit. Tell us a little bit about yourself.


You’ve been cosplaying for over a decade, how did you first get into the world of Cosplay?


Being from Mexican decent and still living in your home country. How popular was it to be a cosplayer back then compared to now?


We have seen you shape-shift yourself as mystique, gender-bend Cyclops, dress up as Triss Merigold from the Witcher series and many more. Which cosplay has been your favorite and why?


Everyone always asks when I post your mystique cosplay on our Instagram feed so here it goes. How long did it take for that transformation to take place?


What systems do you own and what are you playing now?


What cosplays can we expect to be seeing from you in the near future?




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