Setting Up Our First Giveaway!

So we here at Badass Cosplay are excited that our site is finally up and running the way we wanted it to. To celebrate, we are going to be starting our first ever member-only giveaway! As we grow the site, our giveaways are going to get bigger and bigger. For now, let’s see what you all are interested in to start off.

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What prize would you prefer?

This poll will be open until Wednesday!


When the giveaway begins later this week, all you’ll have to do is be a member of this site.

Free subscription to the site. It allows you to enter our giveaways.
Official Badass
only $1.99 a month

Premium Content!

This is a monthly subscription that gives you access to exclusive content, polls, some lewd, and more. Plus get 5x the chances to win on our giveaways.
Badass Cosplay Unfiltered
Only $4.99 a month
This is a monthly subscription that gives you everything on the Official Badass tier but earlier. This tier also unlocks Badass Cosplay Unfiltered which is cosplay that would get flagged on Instagram ex. bodypaint, lewd, nude and more! Plus get 10x the chances to win in our giveaways!
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