The New Badass Cosplay Dot Com

After 5 years on Instagram, we finally decided it is time to expand the brand and the community. However, we fee; limited to what we can do and how much we can grow on the platform. We had visions of a print magazine but with the climate the world is in at the moment, we thought we would best serve you as a digital magazine/blog. We just started publishing some cosplay photo sets but we will also publish interviews, stories, art and we will also be having member-only polls and giveaways. Also, depending on your membership, you will have access to exclusives, lewd, and nude content.

Free subscription to the site. It allows you to enter our giveaways.
Official Badass
only $1.99 a month

Premium Content!

This is a monthly subscription that gives you access to exclusive content, polls, some lewd, and more. Plus get 5x the chances to win on our giveaways.
Badass Cosplay Unfiltered
Only $4.99 a month
This is a monthly subscription that gives you everything on the Official Badass tier but earlier. This tier also unlocks Badass Cosplay Unfiltered which is cosplay that would get flagged on Instagram ex. bodypaint, lewd, nude and more! Plus get 10x the chances to win in our giveaways!

When I started Badass Cosplay it was aimed to be a place where ALL cosplay was welcome. Professional cosplay, beginners, lewd cosplay models, everything involving costume based serves as cosplay here.

We will still be Instagram but it will serve more as an extension of the website.

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